How does water come to the coconut?

How does water come to the coconut? 😁

We all know that cells divide. We can divide this cell division into two parts. 
1. Nucleus division (karyokinesis) 
2. Division of cytoplasm (cytokinesis)
In the case of coconut, karyokinesis continues but cytokinesis does not. This means that the nucleus divides to form a new nucleus, but the cytoplasm of the cell does not divide. Resulting in the formation of many Nucleus. And this is called “free nuclear fission”.
As the nucleus continues to divide in the coconut cell. So the poor cell goes to give space to the nucleus and expels the water inside it. And this is coconut water. 😂 

Why does water come through the nose after eating salty food?

There is no place for salty food on our tongues. So why the bitterness?
This is because of a chemical called capsaicin. This chemical is found in large quantities in raw chillies.
When capsaicin comes in contact with the tongue. Then the neurotransmitters wake up. As a result, this news goes to our brain. As a result our mucus secretion increases as a warning then saliva secretion in the mouth increases. With that, water started coming out from the nose. At the same time, sweat starts coming out from the head and forehead, and many times the heartbeat also increases.
The main reason here is the warning message of the brain. Because the brain first thinks of that chemical as a bad thing. So the brain sends a warning message throughout the body. This is why we feel bitter.

Why is the color of the sky blue?

The combination of the seven colors is white. White light is caused by the fine dust particles in the air and the scattering of white light as they pass through the molecules of different gases. As a result, the seven colors become different. According to the formula given by the scientist rally, the purple and blue color wavelengths are the lowest and therefore their intensity is higher. 
Purple and blue colors are spread in the sky due to the intensity. Our human eyes are more sensitive to blue color than purple. So we see the color blue in the sky.

How reasonable is it not to take out the water that has accumulated in the place burnt by fire?

We have several layers of skin, the first two of which are: the epidermis and the dermis. Blisters are usually caused by damage to the first two layers of the epidermis (completely) and the second layer, the dermis (partially). And the water inside the fossa is called serum. This water is secreted from the cells around the wound site and protects the wound cells. So whatever the type of blister. Whether it is burning fire or putting on new shoes, taking out the water inside or boiling it out is nothing but foolishness. The greater the loss on the loss. This also increases the risk of further deterioration of the condition of the wound site due to dust.

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